Style Icon…

Lately… Glossy magazines tend to be giving away the title ” Style Icon” to almost everyone  and anyone… Girls like Paris Hilton… Cheryl Cole…Rachel Bilson…. no longer just lend on the ” best dressed” list… but on the ” Style Icon” list! Which for Ladybug… Is a complete mockery of what a true ” Style Icon” is all about… Having a good personal shopper and stylist… doesn’t make you a style icon in any way…

Grace Kelly True Beauty

But thanks to the Victoria and Albert museum in London…The true “Style Icon” has been brought back to life… (Not that she ever disappeared for those that truly understand fashion)… The exhibition showcases items from none other than GRACE KELLY’spersonal wardrobe… She is the Hollywood star turned royal… (She married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956)… And of course known for her legendary  Hermes bag… she made the cover of Life Magazine…while trying to hide an early pregnancy bump from photographer with her bag… It was then quickly renamed the “THE KELLY” from the original “sac a Depeche“…

Grace Kelly Graceful Style

Princess Grace’s style is ironically… graceful… she was known for introducing elegance to Hollywood… She loved ladylike accessories such as headscarves… white gloves.. and of course sunglasses… Until today she inspires many designers… especially for wedding dresses… Dressed by the biggest names… Chanel… Yves Saint Laurent…Christian Dior… Princess Grace was a true beauty… with an exquisite wardrobe… Many will follow as style icons… to name a few… Jackie O… Brigitte Bardo…Lady D… and most recently Princess Rania… Kate Moss… But Grace Kelly will stay ladybug’s ultimate favourite “style Icon”…


Grace Kelly on her Wedding day

Grace Kelly's Hermes Bag


5 Responses to “Style Icon…”

  1. She was an elegant woman !

  2. Rachida teymour Says:

    It’s fabulous I love it

  3. We all love her:)

  4. Ah, now I’m really having fun, going back thru your other posts! The more I’m reading about her, she also seems such a NICE person, too. I get the sense people like my mother were slightly ‘threatened’ by her calm cool beauty – and I think Hitchcock played that up masterfully.

    Couldn’t agree more with everything you said, Nat. Having a personal styler does not give someone style! Now you’ve inspired another post!! ; )

  5. Im happy im inspiring you for new posts:) I also think that personal stylers don’t get enough credit for what they do…and people tend to forget that not all celebrities have great style (without the use of a stylist)…

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