Amazing Grace…

To finish up Ladybug’s tribute to Grace Kelly… Here is the perfect light fragrance to make you smell amazing and feel very feminine…Amazing Grace by Philosophy… is the brand’s best selling perfume… And Ladies… Be ready to get compliments all day long… Ladybug LOVES it!

Amazing Grace by Philosophy


2 Responses to “Amazing Grace…”

  1. I love the Philosophy brand: their packaging, and their.. philosophy ; )

    It’s funny: since childhood my style icons have been so many other women’s (Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn) but I didn’t relate to Grace Kelly at all. She’s more like my sister come to think of it! But the more I read – and with my favourite V&A right around the corner.. I’m as caught up as everyone else. Now I must try that scent!

  2. This is a perfect scent , that will never give you any migraine:) I also love love Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, their style will never go out of fashion.

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