Comfort and Style…

It’s undeniable that wearing heels makes you feel and look good… However… Most of us are unable to walk all day with them… and forced to stick to flat shoes… when Spring comes… not knowing what kind of shoes to wear is possibly the ONE problem we all face… Ankle boot? Ballerina pumps? Trainers? even HUGGS?? Ballerina flat shoes most probably saves us all right ? Just like leggings… can you remember what you use to wear before ballerinas?? But let’s face it Ladies… don’t they sometime hurt your feet? So what to wear when the sun is out but the temperature is still not high… If you want to be comfotarble and still look trendy… opt for the latest sneakers shoes… It’s not a ballerina yet not a Nike 🙂 Many brands now design them in different colours… materials and style…So one way to be comfortable and look good…

Luxury Buy Gucci Sneakers

Essential Buy Converse Sneakers

My Personal Buy Lanvin Sneakers


2 Responses to “Comfort and Style…”

  1. Rachida teymour Says:

    All of them are beautiful and confortable

  2. J’ADORE!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL BUY ONE

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