Romance Is In The Air…

Not all of you Ladies will be able to wear this exact look… as the dress can be a bit too revealing…  It’s from ONE VINTAGE… Net-a-porter’s vintage line… Which by the way is stunning! They are one-off designs…Pieces taken from the 19th Century up to the 70’s…all of them are restored and given a new life… Worn with this season’s Fendi platform… This is the ultimate romantic little outfit… but to give it more edge… This Balmain Military Leather Jacket is Perfect…The wide shoulders of the Jacket is Balmain’s signature mark… But remember Ladies…Always be comfortable with what you wear… and don’t just wear a trend if it doesn’t suit your body figure… Wide shoulders is the perfect example…. For Ladies with broad shoulders… be very careful as it can quickly make you look like a cardboard box… it works best for those of you with narrow shoulders… but it’s imperative to make sure the shoulders are not to big.. you don’t want people to think you just came out of the circus:) So be sure to pick what’s right for YOU…


2 Responses to “Romance Is In The Air…”

  1. cute! love the mixtures of the softness and texture.

  2. I love the dress!!!!!

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