Trompe L’Oeil…

Now is the season to show some flesh… and many of us will start walking around bare legs… Well for those of you who dare it… Chanel has the perfect accessory for your lovely legs.. tattoos… Yes Ladies… As seen on the runway… the transfer tattoos “Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel” have been available in stores since March… They give the perfect contrast with this season’s florals… And for this Summer… you’ll be able to keep your Rocker look… and substitute your overworn Leather Jacket for those wonderful little designs…

Chanel Tattoo

Chanel Tattoo

Chanel Tattoo


5 Responses to “Trompe L’Oeil…”

  1. Rachida Teymour Says:

    I am going to adopt these beautiful Chanel Tattoo

  2. This is a fascinating concept – they look wonderful. Last summer I asked a blogger in China who drew on her tights to do one for me – she wrote my name in Mandarin up my leg – looked like a gorgeous tattoo. Wore it (once) to LFW last September, hand washed it.. and she didn’t do it in indelible ink!

    These seem more permanent. I guess you put them on stockings and what happens when they run? Are they washable?

    You source the most amazing things, Natayla! xo

    • They actually last a few days it’s not washable no.. You could try indeed to put them on stockings… Dunno if it’ll stick though.. It’s a set of about 50 tattoos… it costs around 80$… a bit expensive i believe.. But fun to try:)

  3. I love everything Chanel, even her tats 🙂

  4. Hey..Thanks for amazing pics of Chanel Temporary Body Tattoos.
    .. I really like the temporary tattoo designs of Chanel tattoos.
    Great Transfer Tattoos designs.

    Niraj Gera

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