Make A Knot…

Ladies… if there is one new name you need to add to your designer’s list… it’s Christopher Bailey… Since 2001 he’s been appointed head designer for Burberry Prorsum…and what an amazing designer he is! He took the entire fashion industry by storm… with all the knots and drapes in his S/S Collection.. Yes Ladies… HE is responsible… for all the dramatic details appearing in this season’s dresses…skirts… and even Trench coats… And for the tip… drapes…ruched…knotted…they are amazing at hiding extra curves:)

Top Shop Knotted Skirt

Lipsy Ruched Dress

Plastic Island skirt

Lipsy Draped dress

Burberry Prorsum Ruched skirt

Burberry Prorsum Draped Dress


3 Responses to “Make A Knot…”

  1. these look fabulous!! love the burberry prorsum skirt!

  2. I agree! These are gorgeous, and Christopher Bailey is just genius. I love the way he took the iconic Burberry trench, and now that women have started wearing it as a dress, he started rusching (?) it up: using these kind of soft knots and gathering, in the skirt in one case, the sleeves in another… you can almost see the workings of his mind. So creative, such a joy and zest for life!

    You’ve done a brilliant job of sourcing more affordable similar looks. Soon as I send this, I’m researching Plastic Island! xox

  3. Plastic Island can be found on, and the material they use so easy to wear.
    And Lipsy dress are soooo affordable compared to an original Burberry:)

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