Stack them up…

Remember all those bangles you’ve been collecting over the years? Well Ladies it’s time to bring them out! Stack as much as you can on your wrist… mix & match… and just have fun! (selection available on and


5 Responses to “Stack them up…”

  1. I love what you are doing with your blog! Great meeting you today 🙂 x (ohh we’ve moved to wordpress now!!!)

  2. Ohh and you are now on our blog roll 🙂 x

  3. Thanks happy you like it!
    Your on my blog roll as well:)

  4. oh wow! those topshop ones with the gold baubles are so funky! i love all these bangles! i’ve got loads that were my mom’s. she picked up loads in egypt when we lived there when i was kid. are you from egypt? i lived there for 4 years when i was younger and now my parents are back there again.

    was so lovely to meet you yesterday! hopefully we can do it again soon and have more time to have a better chat! am loving your blog! xx

  5. Yes I’m from Egypt:) That is so weird that you actually lived there!
    I really can’t wait for us to all meet again, will figure something with J very soon:)

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