The Look…

If you still can’t figure out a way to wear Hareem pants, don’t worry about it… we mostly can’t… As it was previousyl said in an earlier post, it’s one of those tricky trend that you either love or hate… If you want to wear it right, there is no better way than to tone down your look with a simple t-shirt and cardigan… Make sure to tuck in your tee as it will elongate your figure… Hareem pants also look great with heels and may be the best way to be worn for shorter Ladies… But don’t force yourself if you don’t like it… That trend may not last for long!


4 Responses to “The Look…”

  1. Perfect post. I love hareems.

  2. I really like the outfit I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, but now I’m going to try something similar 🙂 x

  3. ohhh, i love this outfit! i got a pair of harems from topshop recently and i am so obsessed with them! the waist is a little too big so i’ve been wearing them with quite casual t-shirts untucked – which is definitely a look i never thought i would wear or would work. but i actually love the sort of slouchy laid back feel. the trousers feel so nice, their are kind of silky. oh i also love the texture of that topshop cardigan too! really lovely outfit! i especially like the pop of colour in the hat/scarf! these are TS trousers i’ve got:

    lovely post!! xx

  4. Thank you all:) Wasnt sure about the combination of the outfit at first, i guess it worked out!

    Jen i know exactly what you mean with slouchy laid back feel, it feels so nice sometimes to just not feel you are really wearing clothes:)

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