Designer VS High Street

The battle between Designers and High Street brands seems to never end… It’s great for us Ladies and our precious wallets… However, it gets hard picking something different from the 10 other girls in your neighborhood! The key is to try to accessories it as much as possible, in order to make it as personal as you can!

Selection available on

3.1 Phillip Lim available on


One Response to “Designer VS High Street”

  1. Je suis d’accord, combien de fois j’ai vu des filles porter la même robe Topshop ?!
    Tu es toujours sur Londres ? Je vais au dernier event organisé par Sketchbook demain après midi, avec Susie Bubble qui va parler de son blog etc.. Tu viens ? 😀

    Je te passe mon adresse mail, ça sera plus simple hehe :


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