Cannes Mon Amour…

As The Cannes Film Festival just opened its doors… Ladybug thought it was only fair to give you Ladies the chance to look like Stars… As usual these looks can be available to you online with just a click… Chances are most of us won’t walk down a red carpet, but hey,  a wedding would do:)

Selection available on and Jewels on


5 Responses to “Cannes Mon Amour…”

  1. Martine Teymour Says:

    Beautiful combinations…………… it gives me some ideas for the next wedding!!!

  2. Ohhh that chloe dress is just soooo gorgeous
    I have noticed that you often use jewels jewelry it’s funny that you know of this designer I didn’t know she was so well know in europe 🙂 love some of her stuff so much


  3. I love her, She has amazing things! Her name is Sogol Zabihi she is Iranian. You can find her collection on, its a really cool online boutique based in Egypt, and they have stuff from all over the Middle East.

  4. Love all your choices! Love this blog!

  5. Thanks Mona:) The stuff you have is great!

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