Alaia Who?

Spotting designers is not always an easy thing to do… Unless they have big logos or their name printed on their clothes, you can’t always know which brand is that specific item from… However, some are easy to spot because of their style or the pattern they use… For example Diane Von Furstenberg, Versace and Roberto Cavalli are easy to recognize… So what about Alaia! Well each of his collections always have that little artistic touch, that points you towards thinking “it is” an Azzedine Alaia garment. His clothes are always so well tailored and are real pieces of art. This season Alaia is all about details, broderie, perforation techniques and cage style effects!

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4 Responses to “Alaia Who?”

  1. Loving all these

  2. I love Alaia! He was the first true designer whose dress I tried on, in NYC, in the late 80s or early 90s. I remember my friend Claudia from Berlin urged me to, and it was $365 USD (funny that I’ve forgot everything else, but I remember that price) because it was almost as much as my rent! It was peach, and very fitted, like a Leger, and she was right: I did look great in it! Didn’t buy it, tho: chose to pay my rent instead ; )

    It’s funny how sometimes everything feels connected.. I could swear I’ve just seen those top flat sandals in the past 24 hours on someone famous.. who? where? but also: that is too weird about that Topshop jacket! I was just about to email you, because I felt it was time I started posting some of your photos, when I saw that comment.

    I love lacey cut out patterns, whether it’s on paper – or, I”ve been seeing on beautiful area rugs – and these are all beautiful. I love that bag. I love your blog! And you, my dear friend. xox

  3. adorngirl Says:

    Alaia have always been gorgeous, and the brand have become synonomous with expert tailoring, but I am priced out, so the pieces always tend to stay on my wish list.

  4. He is indeed quite expensive. But i think his pieces are pure Art and that they could simply be displayed in a home:)

    J thank you for your sweet words and that great post:) Cnt wait for the next latte+muffin:)

    @adorngirl: thanks for your post, i love your blog btw.

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