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Utility Chic…

Posted in Fashion with tags , , , , , , , on July 26, 2010 by natnoot

When not only one, but four designers create the same inspired garment or shoe you can only assume that many more will follow. Watch out ladies it seems like rubber soles are back! Might be a good time to start digging out your old Manolo’s, remember J-Lo’s music video back in 2002??


It’s here to stay…

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If you thought Gladiator sandals were out! Think again, as they are still the hottest thing for you to wear this Summer!

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Older… Wiser… Yet still Fashionable…

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You probably all have in your closet that one outfit that makes you look older, wiser ,and definitely out of touch with fashion! It’s the outfit you would presumably wear to meet the “in laws”, a business lunch, or any other formal event where jeans and leggings are are a big “faux pas”! Well Ladies, you sure cane look older, wiser but out of tune with fashion: NO NO NO! So be creative. Use those gold colors to give your outfit that classy yet trendy touch! And don’t be scared to go for a nice tailored skirt/dress, just as long as you don’t go to short on the length:)

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Alaia Who?

Posted in Fashion with tags , , , , , on May 14, 2010 by natnoot

Spotting designers is not always an easy thing to do… Unless they have big logos or their name printed on their clothes, you can’t always know which brand is that specific item from… However, some are easy to spot because of their style or the pattern they use… For example Diane Von Furstenberg, Versace and Roberto Cavalli are easy to recognize… So what about Alaia! Well each of his collections always have that little artistic touch, that points you towards thinking “it is” an Azzedine Alaia garment. His clothes are always so well tailored and are real pieces of art. This season Alaia is all about details, broderie, perforation techniques and cage style effects!

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Buckle Up…

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Thin, Think, Leather, Stretch, Chain… Belts come in such a big variety… that it’s not always easy to identify which one to wear when! To give your waist a better shape and show some curves… it’s usually best to go for a wide and stretchy belt! But if it’s just to add a touch of femininity to your silhouette, thin belts usually do a better job, especially on dresses… Big buckles are great with lower waist jeans and a simple T- Shirt… But once again: you know what suits you best!

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