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The Look…

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It may be boiling hot outside, but pre-fall collections are out! Since we all know what we will be wearing in the next few weeks, it’s time to think about what we will be wearing come September:)

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The Look…

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Come on Ladies, it’s time to show some skin! This look is very simple, yet key pieces such as these brand new YSL Tribute or this new Mcqueen bag will make you stand out.

The Look…

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Inspired by Kate Moss, this look will be great for a casual night out on the border of the French Riviera!

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Older… Wiser… Yet still Fashionable…

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You probably all have in your closet that one outfit that makes you look older, wiser ,and definitely out of touch with fashion! It’s the outfit you would presumably wear to meet the “in laws”, a business lunch, or any other formal event where jeans and leggings are are a big “faux pas”! Well Ladies, you sure cane look older, wiser but out of tune with fashion: NO NO NO! So be creative. Use those gold colors to give your outfit that classy yet trendy touch! And don’t be scared to go for a nice tailored skirt/dress, just as long as you don’t go to short on the length:)

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