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The Look…

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If you still can’t figure out a way to wear Hareem pants, don’t worry about it… we mostly can’t… As it was previousyl said in an earlier post, it’s one of those tricky trend that you either love or hate… If you want to wear it right, there is no better way than to tone down your look with a simple t-shirt and cardigan… Make sure to tuck in your tee as it will elongate your figure… Hareem pants also look great with heels and may be the best way to be worn for shorter Ladies… But don’t force yourself if you don’t like it… That trend may not last for long!


Angels & Demons

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Kate vs Posh

In Life you are either a Kate or a Posh (Kate Moss vs Victoria Beckham)… Both women have great sense of style… and are always there to create a new trend… it may often look like they weare identical

“sexy” outfits… and they do! … but Kate will always be more Rock n Roll… while Posh will remain more feminine… So which one are you?

Christian Louboutin Pumps

MCQ By Alexander Mcqueen

Top Shop Bodycon Skirt

Sandro BLazer

PHI Leather Jacket

Top Shop Wide Legs Trousers

She Did It Again…

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It seams like Kate Moss can be unlucky in Love… but very Lucky in business… After hitting the jackpot with her clothing line for Top Shop… She now created a special bag collection with Longchamp…

Kate Moss For Longchamp

Each bag is named after one her favourite places in England… “Soho”… “Gloucester”….etc… And when we thought she didn’t need more bags… she now only carries her brand…

Kate Moss for Longchamp

Kate Moss for Longchamp